Element AM & PM Yoga for Beginners

Elena Brower
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Yoga

I've had this DVD for quite awhile, but used it for the first time today, choosing the AM practice. I didn't think I would like the voiceover instruction, but Elena was pleasant to listen to. The background music was at a nice level, not too soft or overpowering. The setting was beautiful, although I didn't spend much time looking at the television as her queueing was excellent. There was only one point where I got confused and had to come out of a pose to see what she was doing. She used English terminology, but sometimes followed it up with Sanskrit names, which made for a nice learning opportunity. The pace felt perfect to me; I was neither struggling to keep up nor bored to tears and wishing things would move along. The selection of poses were all attainable - she didn't suddenly throw in anything that would be impossible for the average person to achieve. Yet it still felt like there was room to grow.

I would say that I am an intermediate level exerciser with fairly good balance, but who needs to work on flexibility. My yoga knowledge is minimal. I've been to one class and dabbled with a few DVDs, most of which have been too advanced and frustrating for me. Element AM PM Yoga for Beginners seems like a very good fit for my present capabilities.