Crave Results

Angie Miller
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

This 63 minute cardio/ strength w/o is led by Angie w/ 1 backgrounder who shows modifications. The set is super cute- almost a huge living room look to it. You will need dumbbells, (optional) tubing, and a step for this workout.

The bulk of the workout is strength work but is paced quickly so your heartrate will get up there. Between the strength sets Angie adds in a cardio burst. Lots of compound moves & she changes the tempo of the work to keep your muscles guessing. And she adds in tons of balance challenges! She also includes a core section at the end.

The fist portion of the workout Angie uses dumbbells. Angie uses one set of light dumbbells for this but I used multiple sets & heavied up as much as possible- which really upped the intensity of the work. Exercises include: clean & press w/ a knee lift, side squat off the bench w/ biceps, pulsing squats over the bench, side squat off bench -knee pull - clean & press, curtsy dips & bicep curls w/ a side lunge-knee- OH press, pliet- torso twist- w/ a heel lift & OH press, dead lift- rear delt fly, etc.

The second portion is tubing (the mod uses dumbbells). Moves include: band dip w/ rear glute raise on step, lots of bicep variations, hopping onto the step, lat row & high pulls, rotator cuff work, sumo squats, jacks & power sqauts, etc.

Done as is w/ light poundage- I would say this is an intermediate- heavying up really provided a great sweaty challenge! I really found this workout unique and fun! Angie is very chatty but super like-able (she says "ya" a lot). Her cuing and form pointers were spot on and she is obviously a very knowledgeable instructor. Easy dvd to break up or do in whole. I received this dvd to review.