Get Ripped 1000

Jari Love
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I'm glad I recently found this one in a box in my basement. Turns out I didn't trade it after all! Good thing. I'm really enjoying this workout. It is a nice length and gets it all done. I like the short bursts of cardio that get your heart rate up, but don't kill you. No plyo moves here-- just getting quickly on and off the step. The strength is mostly combination moves or compound movements. Plus, Jari invites you to her "pushup party"! What is more appealing than that? Well, lots of things really, but you'll get over it. Seventy push ups (even broken up, and even on my knees) is a bit much, but I would have to say the pulsing squats and lunges off the step and the anterior shoulder raises with squats and lunges off the step are the hardest of the strength moves. I guess you could say that Jari gives short shrift to triceps, but I usually sub in skull crushers and close grip dumbbell presses in the penultimate strength segment rather than doing the chest exercises. Hey! I did do 70 push ups. The final strength segment is abs. I have to say, it is kind of a farce in the amount of reps performed for each exercise. You can definitely see that Jari is not all that big on working abs. That's all right with me though. I'm ready to be done at that point.

Instructor Comments:
Jari is pretty low key. She keeps the motivational talk to a minimum but there are some goofy motivational words posted on the set. I've learned to ignore them. Sometimes Jari comes across as a bit depressed. I find it funny when she reminds us that the most important thing is "to have fun". I want to say are YOU having fun, Jari.
These are just quibbles though. This is a good workout.