Cuts & Curves

Gilad Janklowicz
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Total Body Workouts

NAME: Gilad
DURATION: 55 minutes (9 minute warm up, 41 minutes toning, 5 minute cool down and stretch)
EQUIPMENT: resistance tubing, dumbbells
TYPE: Total body strength
MUSIC: Good. It was a driving beat, but not techie or something
LEVEL: Intermediate

This is a total body strength training workout featuring fitness veteran hottie, Gilad. He is accompanied by four other background exercisers, three females and one male. All are in great shape, but not too skinny.

The workout begins with a simple warm up of side steps, knee ups, and pulses. He also uses some weights to warm up the muscles, like Jari Love has done (or maybe Jari is copying from him, as he's been doing this awhile). The first half of the workout uses the tubing/resistance cord. The second half uses dumbbells. The pace was really easy to follow. Most of the moves are isolation moves, although Gilad does throw in a few compound moves. This would probably be a great workout for travel or to use with some Bodylastics. I think even the weights only section can be modified for use with those. Additionally, this workout doesn't have too many reps, so there is little dread factor.

You really need to heavy up in this workout to feel anything. I think it was a little overdone for lower body, but that's just me. It seemed like endless lunges. One point: if you are going to use tubing, have various resistances available, just like you would have various weights. And have them handy.

PROS: The scenery is gorgeous and I'm not one for beach workouts. Very clear skies. The workout does not require a lot of space. The playful banter between Gilad and cast members is genuine, which is very good. Great cueing and form pointers throughout.

CONS: No ab work. That might not bother some people, but I won't do ab work unless it's included in the workout. I won't pop in an extra ab tape.


Instructor Comments:
Gilad is a hottie that gives great form pointers. I loved the banter between him and the backgrounders; seemed genuine.