Bollywood Party Workout

Hemalayaa Behl
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

This dvd contains two superfun 20 minute Bollywood style workouts and a 5 minute cooldown & warmup. Hemalayaa works out alone in an awesome set with brightly colored speakers, a high back chair, an Indian looking statue, and flowing curtains in the background. You won't need any equipment (she doesnt even wear shoes!) The dvd is chaptered and includes some bonus clips from other Acacia workouts.

Wedding Party: Though the cover says this is a toning workout, its more cardio IMO. There is plenty of oblique/core work and she does work on different levels-which hits the legs a bit. Moves include: Indian Barbie, walk it out w/ big arms, booty magic (pivoting toe taps), flirty travel (skip forward walk back), bridal booty (Indian style mambo chacha), etc. Hemalayaa does a great job of adding in big Bollywood style arm movements to amp up the intensity.

House Party: Really fun "Bollywood club scene" Bollywood routine. The time went by fast and I was having a blast with this routine. Moves include: pelvic lure, spinal grind, chest pumps, a fun "polish your rump," horsey ride, gallup, spark (squat w/ a shimmy & shake), & hip travels. You learn each move and then put them together at the end for a complete Bollywood routine. FUN FUN FUN!

I would rate this workout high beginner/ low intermediate in terms of cardio and choreography levels. I had NO trouble following along with any of the moves- all straight forward and fun. More enjoyable than a walking workout but still easy to follow along to- about the same intensity level IMO. Hemalayaa provides excellent cuing and you can tell she is really having fun right along with you! I am not a dancer and this is my 1st attempt at Bollywood anything and I really enjoyed myself! Wore my weighted gloves & belt to up the intensity a bit. I received this dvd from Acacia to review.