Exercise TV: Lose Weight in 8

Kathy Faulstich, Kenny Kane, Paul Vincent
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Athletic Stretch , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

This dvd has three 30ish minute cardio/ strength w/o's, two 15 min active recovery workouts, and three 3 min instructional w/o's. All three trainers w/o individually with one participant; the instructor shows the move and then the participant performs. The set is nice & open and has a gym look to it. You will need dumbbells for the athletic & yoga sculpt w/o's. The program is set up so you do a 30 min C+S w/o alternating w/ a 15 min active recovery w/o 5 days per week.

Athletic Conditioning: (Paul) Moves include kettlebell swing, push up side plank, spinal extension, bronco (a jumping plank switch type move), bridge, crunch & roll, unweighted mil press/ plyo lunge. You perform the 8 moves three times, each circuit getting progressively faster paced & more challenging. Really fun & effective moves, very unique. I like Paul.

Agility X: (Kenny) Moves include: bear (walking pike), crabwalk, creepy crawly (low mud crawl), duck walk, jab-cross-front kick-back kick combo. You perform the 8 moves three times. The 1st time you do the circuit you learn the moves and the punches & kicks are broken down. The 2nd round he combines the punches & kicks into a combo and you do that for 1 minute in-between each animal move. The 3rd time through you alternate the kickboxing combo and each animal move for 30 seconds. I added a jump kick to each of his kicks and was WORN by the end of this section. Very unique, very functional.

Yoga Sculpt: (Kathy) Moves include: crescent (lunge) knee up combo, tree w/ biceps, chair squat into overhead press, warrior 2 w/ lat raise, triangle - windmill, plank rows, low back swim, updog to childs pose. Kathy uses light weights but I used a variety. You perform the 8 moves three times. I would consider this more of a sculpt w/o than yoga. Enjoyed the unique combo moves and liked Kathy.

Active Recovery 1 & 2: Paul leads Active Recovery #1. You will need a foam roller & a strap or stretchy band for this active stretch workout. Kathy leads Active Recovery #2. You wont need any props for this yoga inspired stretch & flexibility workout.

I LOVED these workouts!!! SUPER SUPER unique and effective- felt my muscles were def worked differently! The 3 main w/o's are all functional fitness/ cardio + sculpt/ body weight type workouts. I would rate the workouts high intermediates done as is- up the poundage or add a few jumps and get a nice advanced workout. Absolutely enjoyed them all. You could really use these workouts as cardio or strength depending on the poundage you used. My heart was pumping and I was sweating like crazy. All three instructors have great personalities and cuing. I will be getting a TON of use out of this dvd. Super versatile and tons of time options. I received this dvd from Exercise TV to review.