Yoga Tune Up at Home, Level 4

Jill Miller
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Yoga

This series of 6 DVDs, is the third in a series of 4 levels of Jill Miller's Yoga Tune Up at Home Program. Designed to be used sequentially, for a month each, the sequences build on each other each other with exploration in strength, flexibility and proprioception (body awareness in space and movement). The underlying thread is therapeutic and logical.

I've worked with Jill's material for more or less 5 years and have always liked it. I respond well to her focused methodology which supports my own practice and complements what I get from my in-person teachers. Her sense of anatomy and body kinetics is clear-cut and is well-communicated and I can feel a real enhancement in my awareness and strength.

My husband and I travel a lot, sometimes for months at a time, and this series has really helped me maintain my regular practice over the last 6 months -- on three continents. Each disc has 3 practices: Program A and Program B, and Program C (which combines A and B). The longest configuration is only about half an hour -- hard to come up with an excuse to avoid practice.

I've worked with Levels 3 and 4 and now find it easy to alternate the levels and discs as long as I keep the particular sequences in mind (hence this breakdown). I found it helpful to stay with the one month per disc prescription at first though to really imprint the progression of the material.

The program is available via subscription at Jill Miller's website ( ), where you can find a questionnaire that helps establish your level of practice.

Below is a breakdown of all 6 discs of Level 4 of this program.

Transitional poses: tadasana, ardha chandrasana, balasana, crocodile, dandasana. All practices end in savasana.

Month 1.

Apanasana on block at second level, foot on wall.
Half happy baby at wall.
Leg stretch 1 at wall.
Leg stretch 2 at wall.
Leg stretch 3 at wall.

Program B:

Revolved abdominal variation 4.
Revolved abdominal variation 4 – version 2.
Bridge arms in standing.
Bridge with block.
Table to Purvottanasana.
Janu sirsasana.
Marichyasna 2 (with bind).

Month 2

Adho mukha svanasana.
Ardha navasana.
Parsva ardha navasana.
Dandasana at wall to half handstand at wall.
Half handstand with one leg up.
Cobra with block. (in Program A: Locust)
Savasana to leg stretch III on block.

Program B:

End of exhalation contraction.
Sun salutations with kumbaka.
Sun salutations with reverse kumbaka.
Standing backbend.
Full moon mini vini
Twisted triangle run over by a truck.

Month 3:

Wide-legged runner’s lunge with art resistance
Trikonasana (1 min.)
Trikonasana on block
Twisted trikonasana (1 min.)
Twisted trikonasana on block

Program B:

Malasana with raised arms.
Malasana to crow.
Adho mukha svanasana.
Garudasana squats.
Standing apanasana with leanback.
Dhanurasana on blanket – hands outside.
Dhanurasana on blanket – hands inside.
Standing backbend based on diaphragm’s movement.
Natarajasana with strap.
Boomerang at wall.
Leg stretch III at wall, on block.

Month 4:

Parsva ardha navasana (long version).
Shoulder strap opener #1.
Shoulder strap opener #2.
Shoulder strap opener #3.
Downward dog split.
Dandasana at wall to half handstand, one leg up.
Handstand kick ups.
Prasarita padottanasana with hands clasped.

ProgramB: (standing poses are short)

Yogi leg lifts, static.
Yogi leg lifts, dynamic.
Parsva ardha navasana (short version).
Happy baby.
Upright lunge with active psoas.
Twisted triangle.
Warrior II.
Utthita parsvakonasana.
Twisted utthita parsvakonasana.
Half moon.
Twisted half moon.

Month 5:

Standing lat pull down.
One arm plank.
Reverse crucifix on blocks.
Dandasana to marichyasana 1.
Parsva bakasana.
Asymmetrical half turtle (bird of purgatory).

Program B:

Leg stretch #1 on block (2nd or 3rd level okay).
Leg stretch #2 on block (2nd or 3rd level okay).
Leg stretch #3 on block (2nd or 3rd level okay).
Pigeon at wall (restorative version).
Double pigeon on back.

Month 6:

Happy baby.
Yoga sit up (roll up).
Down dog with leg circles.
Camel, facing wall, with toes curled.
Boomerang at wall.
Uttanasana, hips to wall, hands clasped.

Program B:

Tolasana, in sukasana or lotus.
Tabletop mini vini.
Twisted triangle.
Balancing half moon.
Twisted half moon.
Warrior I.
Warrior II.
Warrior III.
Twisted (parivrtta) parsvakonasana.
Standing backbend, based on movement of diaphragm.
Leg stretch III on block.

Quibbles: the standing pose sequences in

Instructor Comments:
Jill Miller is extremely knowledgeable. Her background in many disciplines of yoga, movement and therapeutics is well-established and well-utilized in this series. And it's refreshing to see her credit her teacher in this era in which yoga instructors seem to like to appear emerging fully grown from seashells.(I don't care that someone "fell in love with yoga" or that they "like to play" -- that tells me nothing.)

Miller conveys her material with assurance and skill. There is a lot of video material viewable on her website to give you an idea of her manner and style -- even a free streaming therapeutic routine.

Sharon Frost