Body Target 60

Stephanie Vitorino
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Lower Body Strength , Upper Body Strength

This dvd is 71 minutes long - you can play all or select the segment you want to do. Stephanie works out w/ 2 b/gers, one showing beginner modifications. The set is spacious and has the V Body logo on the glass in the background. You will only need dumbbells for this workout.

Cardio Sculpt: (30 min) This is a strength/ cardio interval w/o. Moves include side hops/ dips w/ a knee and a front raise, hinge then overhead press, V step- grapevine combo that increases to a power jump squat, KB swing into french press, balance leg w/ comprehensive UB work, balance row, tricep combo moves, weighted burpees, squat w/ curtsy dip & lateral raise. chair w/ woodchop, pushups, on all 4's- raise dumbbell & lift leg, weighted side planks, crunch w/ skull crushers, and tri dips.

Upper Body: (10 min) Work includes a fun shoulder routine, pike pushups, concentration curls, tri kickbacks, pushup variations, and other comprehensive UB work.

Lower Body: (10 min) Work includes chair pose w/ toe taps, plyo lunges, low static lunge variations, weighted bridge work, side plank w/ a kick, and weighted donkey kick series.

Abs: (10 min) Work includes: hi plank w/ knee pulls, 1 arm planks, leg circles, side plank w/ a knee pull, superman, clam shell crunches, & crunch variations.

Also included are a 6 min w/u and a 6 min c/d. I would rate this an intermediate workout. The work contains some unique moves and Stephanie's cuing is good. The C+S w/o did get my heartrate up-lots of compound moves. This dvd is mostly strength w/ an added cardio benefit (& cardio bursts in the C+S w/o) . The cardio segments are short and are not super challenging as they builds in intensity- but you could easily do the more advanced move from the beginning. The dvd is versatile- you can do a 10-70+ minute workout.