Dance Off the Inches: Fat Burning Belly Dance

Kili Marti
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Bellydance , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

The menu on this workout has the step guide and the main workout. The step guide is chaptered, and breaks down the following moves with instruction only, no music:

Body Roll
Shimmy (a full body shimmy)
Hip Hits
Sweep (sweeping arms)
Sunburst (a hop, rock back; then hop, rock back with the other leg)
Hip Circle

In the main workout, the moves are put together into 3 combinations:
1. Belly Moves Groove
2. Cleopatra Cardio Combo
3. Hip Roll Hindi Combo

The workout is bellydance "inspired" cardio, not authentic bellydance.I like "inspired" non-authentic workouts just fine, so that was no problem for me. The last combo, Hip Roll Hindi, has a little bit of a Bollywood feel to it, too.

The outfits are regular exercise clothes, like capris and tank tops, with hip scarves worn over the capris. They are all wearing tennis shoes.

Background exercisers looked like maybe a mix of professionals and regular people. I liked that.
Fun and enjoyable for me. A little bit of a learning curve on the choreo without being too complex (I can be a dance klutz.)
This instructor seemed less scripted than some of the other DOTI instructors.

Maybe too much TIFTing for people who hate TIFTing.
Maybe not authentic enough for some people.

This workout got my heartrate up, got me sweating, and the pace stays up with few breaks in between. I'd call it intermediate.

Instructor Comments:
Good instructions, good cueing, less scripted than the usual DOTI workout. A really good instructor.