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Step Class in a Flash

This is a tape you actually work out to, but it is designed to give instructors choreography ideas. Roberta does many different mini-routines, all continuously, so there's no stopping and marching or anything. The routines are not "taught," you just follow along. They're not difficult, though, so that's not much of a problem.

Originally, this video came with "flash cards" with the choreography on the cards, presumably so you could use them in your class. My copy didn't come with the flash cards (I got it on the exchange), but I don't know what I'd do with them anyway.

This is a so-so tape. The aerobics section is long -- 38 minutes. There are also some abs at the end. Both intensity and choreography are intermediate. I think, for intermediate exercisers, getting it off the exchange or paying no more than $7-$8 would be okay, but I really wouldn't recommend paying much more than that. It's not a bad tape at all, and the production is decent, but I think there are more fun tapes at the intermediate level.

Grade B-.

Instructor comments: Roberta is a former National Aerobic Champion. Her form is great -- you can tell she's a pro.

Annie S.

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