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Self Sculpt Sexy Legs Fast

Violet Zaki

This is a comprehensive lower body workout. It targets your legs from every angle. The DVD is well chaptered with stretches at the end of each segment so you could customize it to your preferences. It is set against a beautiful outdoor scene with a mountain in the background. There is minimal cardio even though there is a specific cardio chapter. I enjoyed the new (at least to me) variations on classic leg exercises. However, it did leave my hip flexors feeling overworked and unnecessarily sore. I also experienced DOMS in my hamstrings the next day which is hard for me to accomplish. There are two back ground exercisers named Heather and Sarah Lynn. I found it odd that even though Violet suggests modifications neither exerciser performs them.

Here is the breakdown: (It may not be exact)

Warmup 4:00 Pretty standard. Spinal Rolls, Side Lunges, Stretches

Legs 16:07
Squats with inside leg swing then progression to abduction pulses
One legged squats
Slow knee lifts with rotation building on with a back lunge then kick
One legged deadlift adding hamstring curl to the lifted leg as you continue to deadlift
Hamstring curls
Leg taps to traveling plie squats then lift heels add leg slide
Alternating front kicks add jumping jacks

Cardio 6:00
Bounces add squats
Calf raises
Adductions progressing into pendulums
Knee Lift and jumping jack
Crescent kicks
Squat Jumps with variations

Legs w/weights 11:30
Bent leg adduction then press the leg back (i.e bringing up the rear standing)
Knee Lifts
Side lunges (warrior 2)
Plie squat
Repeat on other side
Back lunges
Step Touch to curtsy lunge
Leg Swing Series

Floorwork 7 :30
Fire hydrants
Donkey kicks with bent leg and straight
One legged bridges
Walking bridges

Cooldown 5:15

Instructor comments: Although I enjoy Violetís screen presence in other videos, I found her stiff and too scripted in this one. She seemed to rush as if she was ready to get the workout over with. She didnít seem sincere in her comments.

lori (lbrtyparrismommy)


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