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Yoga Zone: Total Body Conditioning

This tape is divided into two 20-minute yoga workouts. You do poses that are strengthening, such as ones that incorporate lunges, and there are also flexibility-type poses. I would characterize these workouts as beginner/intermediate. I was hoping for more of the power yoga moves, so this one didn't fit me. Both instructors are excellent -- I can't remember their names, though. The setting is Jamaica, so you also get some great scenery. My one complaint is that in the second workout, the instructor does a rather long lunging pose on one side, but forgets to do it on the other side. Usually the Yoga Zone people are much more conscientious about things like that. If it wasn't for this, I'd give it a good recommendation. But with all the beginner/intermediate yoga videos on the market, you can do better. I would still recommend it if you can get it for just a few dollars. Grade B+.

Annie S.

This tape can be sold as part of a tri-pack with Introduction to Power Yoga and Yoga for Abs (which is how I acquired it)

Of those three workouts, and compared to any other yoga workout I've done, this is a very easy workout. This will not in any way stress your body from a strength perspective, and I don't feel it would be effective for building strength

Having said that, I absolutely adore this tape as a flexibility and relaxation tape. I often use it as a cool down from other activities. It includes two 20 minute sessions (which are actually about 18 minutes in length each) so it is a nice, quick stretch. The instructors, Lisa Bennett and Charles Matkin, are actually married in "real life" so they have a natural, relaxed banter.

If you are new to yoga, this would be a great tape to start and get familiar with the discipline.

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DD1 (Deanne)


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