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Yoga Zone: Sunrise/Sunset


This dvd contains two 20-minute workouts compiled from the Yoga Zone tv show. They are smoothly edited with no breaks and flow nicely. Both are shot oudoors at a resort in Jamaica.

Jennifer leads the first workout with Jeanne. It is a very gentle program (only one downward dog!) and would be very suitable for someone less flexible. The workout contains forward bends, standing back bend, chair pose with twists, side bends, cat/cow, forward lunge, cat/cow with leg stretch, upward dog/boat, seated twist and relaxation. Jennifer cues precisely, but not with overwhelming detail. I would definitely do further routines with her.

Al leads the second workout, with Suzanne. It is a more challenging routine than the first one. Al generally does the poses in sequences beginning with a warm-up variation than adding on to the more advanced. For example he does a knee lift, then adds in a lunge, then adds in arms. Following the lunge sequence, we get a plank/down dog section, then warrior/side stretches, then a short cool-down that includes a floor hip flexor stretch, some bridges, a spinal twist and brief seated meditation.

Al is a bit more 'woo woo' than Jennifer is, for example, he mentions serenity a lot, and focuses more on the breathing. I liked both of them and found the teaching straightforward and easy to follow. This is my second Yoga Zone workout, and I find the series approachable and non-intimidating. I would definitely do this program again.



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