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Yoga Zone: Yoga for Abs

There are two 20-minute workouts on this video, each led by a different instructor (one male and one female). Both instructors are very good, and the workouts seem to be great for releasing tension and getting relaxed. Unfortunately, I couldn't feel much in my abs (except for some plank work and V-sits). Really, I'm not sure even beginners would really feel much in the abs on most of the exercises. I did enjoy doing the workouts, because they just "felt good," but I would only recommend this as perhaps a beginning yoga tape or a tension-releasing tape -- but not as an ab workout.

Annie S.

I'll agree completely with the other reviewer - I did not feel this in my abs beyond a few poses. But is a nice, short yoga practice all the same. Good instructors.

Deanne (DD1)


This tape consists of two short workouts--the box says that each is 20 minutes, though the actual timing is more like 18 minutes per workout. The first is led by Al Bingham with assistant Jen, and the second is Jennifer with assistant Jeanne. Both programs provide gentle stretching for the abs area. There is a lot of instruction, which is good for beginners, but it also detracts from the intensity of the workout. A few of the moves are held for an extended period of time and thus cause the muscles to work a little harder, but overall, I would classify this video as more of an abs relaxation/stretch rather than abs toning. For a more intense yoga workout for abs, I recommend Rodney Yee's Abs Yoga for Beginners.

Instructor comments: Both instructors were fine and provided a lot of instruction, which makes this a good tape for beginners.

Beth (aka toaster)

February 4, 2004

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