Video Fitness

The Y Plan Physical

Jill Gaskell and others at the YMCA

This video is aimed at increasing overall fitness. It is 25 min long including warm up and cool down, but packs the exercises in. The instructors recommend that it is combined with the Fat Breaker video for cardio-vascular fitness. There is a booklet accompanying the video and strength tests illustrated in the video to encourage you to set goals and monitor your own increase in fitness.

The focus of the workout is on strength, and while there is some aerobic exercise in the first part of the workout, this is brief and is mainly to build strength in the levels - squats, lunges, etc. Then they move onto press-ups, crunches and exercises for the back and glutes. Each exercise is built up in stages, and I really feel each muscle group by the end!

The format of this video is slightly more confusing than earlier videos as, while it is still divided into three levels of fitness, there are only two workouts and level two is demonstated in both to enable someone to progress more gradually to level three. In effect there are four levels - two variations of the exercsies shown in each workout so you can adjust them to your own fitness level - very useful when you are level two in press-ups but level three in the crunches for example.

A challenging video that could be useful for all levels of fitness.


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