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The Y Plan Step into Shape

This video is one of a series of three; Step into Shape, Tone into Shape and Stretch into Shape. (I don't have the other two thoguh) They feature Paula Hamilton, a model, who is the only irritating thing about the video, but I found it reassuring that she looked as red and sweaty as me at the end!

The workout is 30 min. long, using a step and the instuctors alternate each time the routine changes, which helps to divide up the workout and make it more interesting. The final routine still manages to tire me and I would recommend this video for the intermediate exerciser or for the beginning step user - it is good to start without a step and gradually the step height.

As with many of the Y Plan workouts, the stretching is not long enough in my opinion, as they always seem so keen to finish by this stage and I would recommend adding a few longer stretches at the end.

A fun and challenging workout that I am still using 18 months later.


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