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Yoga for Dummies

with Sarah Ivanhoe

Sarah Ivanhoe provides excellent instruction in this 45 minute tape. As an experienced intermediate yoga practitioner, I don't think this tape is too's just too *slow*. There's about 30 minutes worth of actual yoga in there with an extra 15 minutes of explanations added in--very good for a yoga newbie, but frustrating for someone who already has the poses down. And the icons and tidbits zipping in and out was really distracting, *especially* during the balancing poses when you're supposed to be trying to focus! I wish they would have put all of that stuff in a segment at the beginning or end of the tape and kept it separate from the workout.

While I would recommend this to someone with zero yoga experience, I prefer Crunch Joy of Yoga (also with Sarah Ivanhoe) for myself.

Renee Drellishak

This tape was fabulous! A great deal from K-Mart for $6.99, I thought it would be a great workout when I wanted to take it easy. I was right. Even though I teach fitness yoga & stretching, I still found this tape a challenge.

There are several explanations throughout the workout using different icons, e.g. safety, yoga verbage, tips, myth busters, etc. The workout focuses on yoga's "daily dozen" poses:

1. Cat
2. Mountain
3. Standing Forward Bend
4. Lunge
5. Tree
6. Standing Side Stretch
7. Downward Dog
8. Cobra
9. Child's
10. Seated Spinal Twist
11. Seated Forward Bend
12. Final Relaxation

Sara's friendly non-intimidating approach to yoga in this and Crunch's Joy of Yoga, has been a true learning experience. It's very true that she de-mystifies yoga by stating things in a "real world" way, "The cool thing about yoga is..." Sara knows each pose and where all the tension or stress points may be and explains how to "let go and make it feel good." I'm glad she said that so much because I forget that I'm "working out". I love how she makes everything approachable and uses plain english whenever she spoke! I can't wait to use Sara's explanations in my beginner yoga/stretch classes and am very pleased with this tape!

Myra Marangi

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