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Yoga Burn

I did this one this morning, and I love it! It's an hour and really is quite a bit different from Rodney's usual's not that the poses are held any longer than usual, but they're executed really slowly (though not TOO slowly, at least for me, lol) and repeated 2-3x.

It's hard to describe, but it almost feels like a dance, the way he puts it all together...he's soooo graceful anyway, and this really showcases that fact. I was able to get into wide-legged forward bend much deeper than I usually am able, and I think it's the way he sequences this pose with others...i.e., he twists (slowly, of course) to the right, holds the pose, drops down to the left with right arm extended overhead, turns into left one- legged forward bend, then comes through into wide-legged forward bend (hope I explained this well enough! lol). It's all done so gracefully it makes me want to be just as graceful.

Some of it felt pretty challenging...he does a very slow 10-count-up, 10- count-down cobra pose 3x that I really felt. He also does "baby cobra" pushing into downward dog (again, very slowly) with knees bent, gradually extending the knees into full downward dog. This one really felt good to me.

Also, there's an audio option to turn off all talking except for his announcing each pose as he goes into it...I didn't use it, but it's there for anyone who'd be interested in such a thing.

I usually do from 30 minutes to an hour of some kind of yoga a day, usually following my cardio or weights, or whatever I'm doing that day, and I found this to be at a moderate level for me. I really love the way it's all put together and the way it flows at a nice slow pace, yet still feels challenging enough in all the right places...can you tell I really like this one?

Instructor comments: Rodney Yee is one of my favorite yoga instructors and definitely one of the most graceful.



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