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Yoga Booty Ballet: Latin Flavor

Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonough

Workout time: 40:30

Set: Swerve studio, hardwood floors, everyone in colorful clothes, a few with a Latin theme.

Cast: All shapes, sizes, colors, one guy (the ever present Randy), as well as Heather and Jody

Music: Ravi's version of Latin music, with Ravi on drums.

Warm-up: Begins with breathing and intention setting as they all do. Includes: Rolling "booty", spider walk, twists, leg stretches done in a bouncing fashion, short ab work, bettle squats, lunge stretching done in a bouncing fashion,

*I am not a big fan of bouncing in stretches, so this isn't my favorite warm-up.

cardio includes: Samba, cross-over with a cha cha rhythm, Merengue, a step they call "Ms. ChiChi", stomp turn, shimmy forward, step kicks, slither, sweep front kick, prance kick (they call it Mr. Eddie), fan kick, pas de bourree, then with a turn, something they call "PePe" (which is similiar to the move they call "Zig Zag" in Bollywood) and hip circles.

They do not teach the pas de bourree that well, so it can be pretty frustrating. They normally teach things so well (sometimes overteach things), so I was surprised. I had to have someone on the board teach me how to do it. It is a good portion of the last part of the workout, so you really need to be able to do it.

This one is really fun! I anticipate liking it a lot if I can just get the pas de bourree down! There is lots of fun variety, so you won't get bored. It goes by really quickly for me and I look forward to doing it!

Ending section: They call this Ballet Floor Barre. There is "booty", leg, and ab work.

Instructor comments: They are great-postive, unintimidating, enthusiastic without being annoying. They team-teach, trading off as they go. They have a great rapport and are really fun to workout "with".

Krista (benemma)

19 Sept 05

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