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Winsor Pilates Ball Workout

Mari Winsor

In 50 minutes you'll tone your lower body and abs. It has a short segment of push ups for upper body.

Equipment: Stability ball & mat.

The music is great by "Daveed". (The same "Daveed" as in Crunch Slimdown). The set is bright, airy and spacious.

I would rate this as intermediate. Mari's instruction is soft spoken no drill sargeant here. Just three students one modifies the moves for beg/int. The other two perform advanced moves. The stability ball definitely adds intensity to the workout.

This is a great workout to rotate between pilates mat work and circle pilates. Great addition to my pilates workouts!!!

Instructor comments: She is pleasant and well spoken. She cues well and gives plenty of form pointers and modifications.


September 6, 2006

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