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Winsor Pilates Ab Sculpting

Mari Winsor

Another great Winsor pilates video! Mari Winsor leads this video as 5 background exercisers perform the moves. There are 4 women and 1 man; one does modifications.

This 18-19 min. abdominal routine is as follows:
-Pilates Hundred
-The Roll-up: 4 slow, 4 fast
-Rolling Like a Ball/6x
-The Astronaut ( a move that I had never seen before or at least called by this name. :o) You are on your back and then roll you spine up to where your arms can hold onto your legs. You then lift arms straight out in front for 8 counts; then twist left for 8, middle 8 count, rt 8 count and then back to middle for the final 8. It seems like maybe Cathe or someone has something similar to this in a video.
(Lower Back Stretch)
-Single Leg Stretch/10 slow, 10 fast
-Double Leg Stretch/8x
-Criss-cross-10 slow, 10 fast
(Lower Back Stretch)
-The Saw 4x
-Neck Pull 4x
-One Legged Teasers 4x (2 regular, 2 to the side)
-Teaser Series (I LOVED this part!)
Teaser 1; 3x regular teasers
Teaser 2; lift both arms and legs at same time ( in reg. teasers you keep your legs at 45 degrees)
Teaser 3: reg. teaser position but raise and lower your legs while in that V-position
-Spine Stretch
-Little Piece of Heaven

Once again, Mari has a very nice focused workout. My only minor complaints are that she doesn't focus on when you should inhale and exhale at certain points during the exercises. I know to do so from Hilary Burnett's videos but Mari just tends to say breathe. I feel that certain moves require an inhale and others an exhale. She also neglects to to mention the pilates stance or pilates V (your legs are pressed together at the knees, like you are wearing a mermaid costume) during certain moves. I feel that you get more out of the exercise if you are not only focusing on your powerhouse but on the pilates stance too. Despite these things, Mari does a great job. I am learning that with the more pilates videos (instructors) I try, I learn something from each one and just incorporate it into whatever I am doing. That way it just feels "right".

Instructor comments: Mari is consistently a very thorough yet pleasant instructor. She is impeccable in explaining form and alignment. I predict that we will see MORE videos from her!

Lisa :o)
July 2002

Though I heard great things about this one, I'm not happy with this video and don't know if I'll keep it. The first half is fine, but then another set of exercises starts up and Mari tells you "ok we'll do a slow set, and then another one a little quicker" except her "a little quicker" is really double-time. I can't keep up with this speed and feel like I'm just throwing my legs around, and I definitely don't feel it in my abs the way I should.

Maybe I'm not strong enough to get the most out of this video. But I like my Pilates practice to be slow and controlled, not "mega power speed burst". Just not my cup of tea.

Instructor comments:



I really enjoyed this workout. Mari is a straightforward instructor who wastes no time in getting directly to business. She cues briefly, but well enough and instructs a small class. She does not perform the exercises herself during the workout.

The exercises include the hundred, the roll-up (4 slow, 4 quicker), rolling like a ball, the astronaut (an isometric hold sequence), single leg stretch (10 slow, 10 quicker), double leg stretch, single straight leg (10 slow, 20 quicker), double straight leg, criss-cross (10 slow, 10 quicker), saw, neck pull (sort of like a full sit-up), 3 teaser variations and a stretch. Most of her form reminders came at what were for me opportune times, so she is obviously experienced in knowing what parts of the routine her students might have trouble with.

There were one or two exercises that I found a little above my level, but Mari only shows modifications for one exercise. I think the workout might have benefitted from more attention to that. Her cueing regarding the breathing also tapers off as the routine progresses, which I did not appreciate during the hard enough already teaser part. But these are minor quibbles. This is not a really deep or profound or artistic routine, but for a quick and dirty efficient Pilates routine, this has few equals.

Instructor comments:



This is a Pilates workout that focuses on the abs. It lasts about 19 minutes. I felt the moves in my abs and felt I got a good workout. Many of the moves were slow and controlled. I did not like the moves that were done a double time Ė it was too hard to keep pace.

Will I keep this workout? Iím not sure. Iíve had it for awhile and have done it two or three times. I like Ana Cabanís Pilates for Abs workout better. I was mildly disappointed by this workout after finding that I LOVE her Bun & Thighs Workout. However, I like a much better than her upper body workout.

Instructor comments: She is calm and descriptive. She gives form pointers throughout, but doesn't stress basic Pilates form - breathing and Pilates stance.

Laura S.

October 6, 2004

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