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10 Minute Solutions Target Toning

Cindy Whitmarsh

Collage lists this dvd with Cindy Whitmarsh as intermediate level, but the cover of the dvd itself says Target Toning for Beginners. It could be a beginner’s workout, but with heavier weights and more confidence gained with experience and thus more energy, it could be intermediate. I don’t think it’ll make advanced.

The set is bright, clean. Cindy is standing on a round, carpeted (I think) platform in a large room with wood flooring, huge concrete pillars and pots of flowers here and there. The music is okay…nothing that stands out…which means it isn’t awful either.

Cindy wears shorts and a sports bra that shows off a tight and lean body. Her demeanor is “this is going to be fun” and maybe a little too perky (think Denise Austin) for some. I don’t think she is having as much fun as in her own workout Ultra Fat Burning Workout…she is more naturally animated in that one and not as much perky, as just maddeningly fun-loving.

There are five segments or chapters: Abs, Thighs, Buns, Arms & Shoulders, and the Powerstretch.

Cindy rarely counts the reps and be prepared to do another eight, but again, an experienced exercise could pick up the rhythm and count to themselves. She keeps saying “You can do it!”. Something about Cindy really appeals to me so I don’t mind all this, but some folks might find her a bit much.

Cindy does some different things (which is what I like…not the same-old-same-old), like starting the Ab work with planks and then moving onto crunches and obliques. The Arms & Shoulders section includes some back work I’ve never done before.

I use this as an add-on after doing some aerobics a la GymRatt’s concept in the rotations section . I like this workout, but before you cave, I’d caution you to watch Collage’s preview to see if you like can work with Cindy. At least this workout is not the killer that Ultra Fat Burning isJ

Lydia Jasper

31 August 2004

This is a very good basic toning workout. With the DVD, you can create your own workout from the 5, 10-minute sections. There are no complicated moves here, just your basic exercises, but the time flies with the short 10-minute segments. The set is bright and uncluttered with several larged potted lavender plants in the background. I would imagine advanced exercisers could be bored by this one, but those beginners and intermediates that like uncomplicated choreography can't go wrong.

Instructor comments:



As a beginner, I started out with one target area per day. Now I'm up to two targets per day. Gradually, I will add more. I like the fact that I can focus on one area or all four, whichever suits my goals, mood, energy level, or schedule.

The background is simple and understated, but nice. Cindy is alone, with no others exercising around or behind her. Personally, I find that distracting. I don't like sets that look like dance clubs. Also, the music is noticeable, but unobtrusive.

Each target workout is only 10 minutes each, but after those 10 minutes I was feeling the burn, so it is effective!

Overall, this is a terrific toning video for beginners, although intermediate and advanced exercisers may not like it. I highly recommend it for those like myself who are new to exercise programs.

Note: Two 3 to 8-lb dumbbells are required.

Instructor comments: For some reason, if I like the instructor it really makes a difference in whether I like the workout or not. I like Cindy Whitmarsh and I think she's an excellent instructor for beginners. She's low-key, but at the same time, energetic and motivating. She's not too peppy, but doesn't look like she's bored doing a beginner's workout either.

I like it that she gives reminders often about proper form, and during those last few moves in a sequence she lets you know you're down to "four more to go"....and "come on, two more!" She has a personable style and smiles often. Overall, it was like having a friendly personal trainer in my own living room.

Michelle Y.

Jan 17, 2004

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