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Thighs of Steel

It has 3 fifteen minute workouts. It begins with warm up, then a stretch in the legs, then floor work, then stretching. It's nice for me because I can work out for fifteen minutes and come back later, or I can keep going for half an hour or forty-five minutes.


I really don't care for this video very much. It consists of 3 15-minute leg toning workouts. The first one is okay. You lie on the floor and do leg lifts and other traditional exercises. For the second one, you lay your stomach over a step, which is extremely awkward and hurts my stomach. The third one requires you to kneel and hold on to a chair or other support, which doesn't do a lot for my poor knees. I modified the last two workouts to lying and standing, respectively, but I still don't care for the tape. It's not as challenging as her others. I give this a C.

Annie S.

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