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Quick Toning Thighs of Steel

This video has three different 15 minute programs. Each with a short warm up and cool down. Tamilee changes clothes for each 15 minute segmant for a nice change of scenery. The excercises target the inner and outer thigh and include the glutes as well. She uses a chair for one section and a step for another. She doesn't do very many sets so if it is too easy , you can add heavy ankle weights. This is the Buns of Steel philosophy. If you can do all the sets well, then add ankle weights instead of doing a whole bunch more reps The set is bright with different TV sets used to show different angles of the excercises. There are cactuses and a huge palm tree plant in the background to give a nice look to the set. The music is a nice Carribbean style with steel drums. The excercises are pretty traditional. Hip adductions and extensions and Inner outer thigh raises. One part she uses the step to rest your non working leg as you raise the inner thigh. She does some excercises where you squeeze your buns by raising your leg to the rear. Like table work but you lay on the step with your stomach on the step and raise your leg up. It's a nice change from having to hold yourself up with your hands. Other video's that go with this one are Quick tone Abs, Buns and Arms and Abs.

Tamilee looks much more natural in these video's compared to the caked on makeup in Buns of Steel 2000 Platinum series. Her hair looks more natural as well ( less streaky blonde looking). She must have a better colorist do her hair to make it look more natural. I love Tamilee's teaching style. It's like having an excercise buddy with you. She talks about all sorts of things with you as you excercise. From eating low fat to body types to what other activities you can do. She also talks about the excercise you are doing and what muscle is working. She has great form pointers and uses perfect form while teaching. These are the best ono on one training video's I have found.

Mandy Lee

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