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Quick Toning Buns of Steel

Music: irrelevant
Length: Three 15 minute segments
Energy Level: moderate
Production: ok

3 sets of exercises. Each starts with a brief aerobic warmup and stretch and ends with a short stretch. For me, at least, the first and last sets, especially the last, seem to challenge my thighs a lot more than my rear. I couldn't even get through the routines at first and they still (after a couple of months) make my legs hurt. The middle set consists of floor exercises and these made me feel my buns were getting a workout---but not as much as the Buns of Steel 5 Beginners.

Diane Danielle

There was only one review of this video so I decided to throw my opinion in. I bought this for 4 bucks through a Yahoo auction and it's was worth every penny. This is a suprisingly tough lower body workout. But like the previous reviewer stated, it also works the thighs as well. I am used to doing squats with weights so I started the squats in the first section with 5lb weights and quickly had to drop them and go with no weights. My legs were on fire when I was done. I did the first 2 sections together and felt like I got a great leg workout.

As the previous reviewer stated this tape is in 3 15 minute workouts. Great to do on short days or double it up for 30 minutes of strength training. The first segment is primarly squats and lunges. This will really work the quads too. The second segment is very interesting floor work with virtually no knee stress (which is my main problem, I like floor work) I haven't seen these moves before and found them quite effective. One exercise you sit in a modified hurdler position and just lift the knee off the floor. This one was a burner. The third segment you use a step. All in all I really recommend this video.

Instructor comments: As always her form and technique are perfect. She is on her own with this tape and I find her to be very cute and motivating. She gives great tips on technique and safety that would be great for a beginner or unknowledgable exerciser. She does look more natural and at ease from the 2000 series. This tape just may get me hooked on her!


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