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Quick Toning Abs of Steel

Music: irrelevant
Length: Three 15 minute segments. 3 minute warmup, 10 minute workout, 2 minute stretch
Energy Level: moderate
Production: ok

3 sets of exercises. Each starts with a brief aerobic warmup and stretch and ends with a short stretch. The second set of exercises are especially challenging. I had trouble, however, with all of them because many movements are, as Tammy would say, subtle, and in spite of all the different camera angles, I'm just not sure I'm doing them right.

Diane Danielle

Well, I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by this great little video. It is broken down into 3 sections, and each section has its own complete workout with a quick warmup/stretch, about 8-9 minutes of ab work and then a brief stretch at the end. It is not super advanced but each section does get progressively harder. And of course, all crunches can be made harder by simply lifting your shoulder blades a little higher off the floor. I liked not feeling like I was dying at the end of the workout, like I usually felt with 5-Days Abs. This was a very refreshing workout and is easy to do every day (since the workouts are short enough) so that I don't feel like I am neglecting my abs. It is also a good video to use after a step/floor aerobic video (just skip the ab warmup). Tamilee is actually not annoying AT ALL in this video and she cues very well. Her voice is very soothing and she discusses other fitness related activities while you are doing the crunches with her. She even comments about how if you are sick of hearing her talk, just shut off the sound and play some music! I thought that was pretty cool of an instructor to say! This tape is a bargain as far as I am concerned, and everyone should pick up a copy if you want three really great quick and effective ab workouts!

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