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I Want That Body

I just did I WANT THAT BODY for the first time this morning and WHAT A GREAT 30-MINUTE strength workout! I have been looking for a really solid 30-minute strength tape for those days when I wake up late and just don't have a full 45 minutes to 1 hour to work out and I have found it!

The video is broken into 2 15-minute programs which you can do separately or one after the other and both have great flow, are challenging and hit every muscle really well. She uses some compound exercises so that you get the maximum workout in minimum time. My only complaint is that I think the ab section was a little short, but I simply added about 5 minutes of my own ab work at the end. (I tacked on one segment of Firm's 5-day Abs).

The other thing I like about this workout is Tamilee herself. This is the first video I have gotten of hers and I think she has a great teaching style. She comes off as professional and she has a nice speaking voice and pleasing demeanor and she's not too "chatty".

I'd say the intensity of this video is along the lines of Firm MBS or something similar. The only equipment required, though, is a pair of dumbells and a chair, which is a big plus when you are short on time.

Instructor comments: Great instructor! Professional, nice speaking tone, not overly chatty, very pleasant and inspiring!



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