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For Women Only/Abs

Tamilee Webb and Monte

The workout consists of 3 segments. Tamilee suggests that you do one every other day but I feel for a super challenging ab workout, you can do all three.

The workout has traditional crunches as well as isometric 2 count lift crunches. He does some great oblique work and some turbo crunches. Some pelvic tilts with crunches as well. Its all on the floor ab work, After each ab section he does a nice cat stretch and budda stretch. At the beginning of the 2 and 3rd segmant he reminds you to warmup. He also says some funny things like on the pelvic tilts he says, " I hate to admit it , but this is my favorite part." They show close ups of his *****. The set is cool because it has other TV's so you can see closeups and on the wall is a tilted picture frame with a TV screen on it . They do close ups of Monte's bedroom face on the frame. There aren't any plants or anything like that. Just a spraypainted For Women Only on the wall. I really like this tape because it's motivating and the music has a really good beat to it. The crunches are slow and controlled. I really like this tape. It's a keeper.

Tamilee Webb warms you up with Monte in the background. She reminds me of a cross between Jane Fonda and Claudia Schiffer( her face) She deffinately warms you up with lots of arms circles and knee bends. She then does some nice back stretches.

Monte, "the hunk from Utah" is what Tamilee calls him gives small pointers in the warmup. He is a tan muscular handsome blonde guy who makes working out not only fun to do but great to watch! Very motivational. He gives points on form once in a while. He is clean cut and looks like he shaves his legs as well as his armpits. He changes shorts on all the three workouts. Hid rapport with Tamillee is the most genuine of all the For Women only series. He politely asks Tamilee if she is going to workout with him but she shyly declines saying it is our workout with Monte so she will leave us alone with him. He keeps talking to your as if you're there right there with him.

Mandy Lee

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