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Facts about Tamilee

  • M.A. in exercise physiology
  • 1993 IDEA Instructor of the Year
  • Former star of ESPN's Fitness Pros
  • well known as the star of the "Buns of Steel" videos

Comments about Tamilee

She's really fun, she talks to you throughout the workout with tips and facts, and she's honest. (She said, "Now if you think if you sit there and squeeze something between your legs that it's going to make them thin, think again because at first it will make them feel a little bit bigger.) Having her talk to you during the work out is nice because you're not so focused on when you can turn your vcr off and go do something else.


Tamilee Webb is one of the better teachers on video. Her cuing is clear and her choreography is easy to follow and not too dancy. Many of her "Buns of Steel" series tapes suffer from poor production quality, but may still be decent choices for the budget conscious considering that most other bargain tapes are virtually worthless. I agree with Emily (above) that Tamilee is down-to-earth and tells it like it is without being distracting.

Wendy Niemi Kremer

Her advice is excellent, her cues are clear and timely. I don't like some of the butt floss outfits she wears in the Platinum Series. Her outfits DO tend to be a bit cheesy. But she is fun to watch and to exercise with! She's so darned cute and really knows exercise physiology!

Amy Steppe

Tamilee isn't the best instructor as far as innovative choreography -- or being able to stay on the beat! -- but her legs and buns workouts are usually pretty tough and effective.

Annie S.

Tamilee Webb is knowledgeable and in this video (Toning Mind and Body) very relaxing and motivational as well as clear in instruction

Michelle Bourg

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