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Building Tighter Assets

I borrowed this tape from a friend because I really like Tamilee's various abdominal workouts, although I don't find most of her other tapes to be challenging enough for my taste. This one is no exception, but I wouldn't even recommend it for beginner or intermedaiate levels either. The step portion contains only two combos, and although they do have some propulsion moves, it barely is enough to get my heartbeat up. Plus, the cueing is horrendous - Tamilee almost never indicates which foot or arm you're supposed to be using. Considering the moves she does in this tape (jazz squares on the step, etc.),the lack of cueing is downright dangerous. The toning section is also a waste. She spends about 30 seconds on abs, but the arms, chest, and legs sections are a little better. Instead of showing modifications for beginners, she tells them to "take a break" while intermediate and advanced levels do more reps. I would think this would get mighty boring for beginners!

Carolyn Sproule

TLW has a very sweet demeanor in this video, however, I did not appreciate her commentary about her "bubble butt"(not) that she referred back to at least two more times during the video. I felt it was unprofessional. She makes weird, outdated comments about "waving and flabby arms" too. The workout is ONLY a beginner level, even though its promoted as 3 levels. I think it's 3 levels of beginner. What differentiates the levels is the length and intensity of the step moves and the number of reps she does for the toning (usually 2 more for each level).
In fact her long hair wasn't even up during the aerobic-step portion. That's how slightly you'll sweat! I felt it was slow and boring. The toning was a bit better, but this is a video I will be trading ASAP. Example: all the push-ups were modified- military style wasn't even an option for the advanced. Oh, also, for those who know cueing, she was off the phrase for a good portion of the step workout- not off the beat, but OFF THE PHRASE.

Instructor comments: Sweet and knowlegeable. But not effective (for me).

Nicole Gunning

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