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Abs of Steel II

Since I liked Abs of Steel so much I decided to buy this video. This video contains two 15 minute workouts. The workout combines abdominal work with push ups. I have only used this tape two times and after each workout, I had a sore back that lasted for a couple of days. There is something about mixing abdominal work with push ups that really killed me. I am interested on other's experience with this tape.

Camille Guiar

I like Program One of this tape. It's fast-paced and keeps me working. Program two is alright but I don't get a real good workout from it.

Instructor comments: She says stupid things sometimes but she has great abs.


I bought this tape in a 3-tape set that included Advanced Thighs of Steel and Advanced Buns of Steel. All with Tamiliee Webb. I have never liked the Buns of Steel series due to it's EXTREMELY poor production quality, but this was $3 for 3 tapes so what the heck.

I found that I really liked this Abs workout and do it all the time. The two workouts are quick and efficient. I have actually gotten some definition in my abdominal muscles for the first time in years after using this tape.

The production quality is as poor as the rest of the Buns of Steel series, but I can forgive that because of the results I am seeing.

Instructor comments: This is the first time I have worked out with Tamilee, and must say I liked her. I wonder why she would put her name to such a poor quality product however. It cheapens her.

Karen Hunter

This is an intermedite workout with very cheap production. It's a good workout with a few gliches,but i just feel that my abs get a better workout from doing the 7minutes of abs section in mis by cathe friedrich. after doing mis, my abs are really sore, but here they aren't.

Instructor comments: she makes a couple of mistakes in this video but she's in great shape.

patricia griffin


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