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Jody Watley's Dance to Fitness

This tape has a dark setting and poor quality. Even with automatic tracking, the picture is still fuzzy. The music sounds OK.

Jody Watley does not provide any intruction on form or what to do. She only gives direction on how many more repetitions, etc to do. This video reminds me of my high school days when we used to have music to dance to and others had to watch our routine.

Boring! Jody basically has no personality. I really like her music and I was disappointed by everything in it. The video is 45 minutes in length. Candace Copeland is the Fitness Consultant used for this video.

Grade: D

Instructor comments: Jody Watley is known for her popular songs she sang in the 80's. She "always wanted to make a video using her own songs and dancing with very little talking that everyone could jam along with!"


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