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Bodywedge 21: Kick It

Roland Walker

I have all four BodyWedge DVDs. They are produced by Greg Twombly, so the set, music and production quality area all fine. Not outstanding, but acceptable.

Each DVD starts out with a 10 minute instructional segment led by BW inventor, Rich Decker. He explains the 21 BW exercises, while a woman named Ann demonstrates. He gives form pointers and modifications for the exercises.

Kick It is approximately 25 minutes long. I doubt if I will do this one as I am not a big fan of kickboxing. I do think itís neat that they are trying lots of ideas using the BW. There isnít really a warm-up, you go right into crunches, etc. on the BW. The workout is a circuit of BW 21-rep strength exercises and four kickboxing segments. (Although they are calling it an interval workout). Rich leads the BW exercises and Roland does the kickboxing. Roland does little instructing, it would be best if you have had some experience with kickboxing before.

There is some whooping, in case you have a problem with that.

The BodyWedge will be a very useful additon to my fitness equipment collection. (Unlike my dusty BOSU!)

Instructor comments:
Roland is very serious.



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