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Wai Lana

I picked up 2 3 pack sets of Wai Lana's yoga at a local store to try out since the price seemed good. (later I found I could get the dvds for just a few dollars more, but I'm ok with the videos for now since there's just one workout on them once I get past all the talking/ads!)

This one is part of the Hello Fitness series. The others are Wake Up Body and I think Invigorating..not sure on that one but I think it's the title.

The tape is done voice over. Her accent is very singsongy if that's a word! I even wondered a time or two if she's faking it, but I really don't care. I have a lot of yoga tapes/dvds and I actually like this one because she's very different from the other tapes/instructors I have. I just pull out a workout depending on my mood. Some days I'm not in the mood to listen to her and pull out yoga zone or rodney yee, etc.

Her outfits are BRIGHT! She wears flowing outfits in bright cheerful colors. In this one I actually listened to her talk about not showing off in yoga or being impressed with people who are more flexible, etc. It was very interesting to me and I don't usually like listening to that sort of stuff! How yoga's not a competition between you and another person, etc. anyways, bact to the workout!

Some of the moves I've done before in yoga workouts..some i have not or I haven't done them the same way. She does the triangle I think it's called slow at first but with the feet facing slightly out instead of pointing the way you're bending. the 2nd time through you go farther then she has you do many repeats at a faster pace and this really warms you up (or can make you can tell when she wants you to breathe but she doesn't count so you could hold the pose if you wanted or go at your own pace). She does some nice stretches including one for the groins and hips, some modified ones where you're on your tummy and lift your upper body up..I did both upper and lower body because I wanted more stretch. She does a pretty good job of mixing active moves with ones you hold. After the stuff on the stomach you do a seated forward bend to come out of it. She does some hard ab work (to me it was hard cause my abs are pretty weak!) lying on your back with arms above head you lift your legs 30 degrees and hold. then lower and raise 45 degrees and hold and lower. then all the way straight up. then after lowereing you lift 30 and hold then 45 and hold then all the way and hold...I really felt that. she also holds a reverse plank I call it..she called it something else..she held that sucker forever. I mean, my arms are weak, but it reminded me of when I first tried downdog..had to come down and go back at least 10 times. She really holds that one. Almost fell asleep in the relaxation part.

the music is different.has some chanting/singing in it. I like it but dont' know if I'd be in the mood for it all the time. seems like the workout was about 30 minutes, longer if you do the entire relaxation or fall asleep! I think this is worth the $5 it cost me in the set, but there's no way I'd pay much more unless it was on dvd.

Instructor comments: bright outfits, changes them almost every pose! very gentle voice, sing-songy with an accent.

Susanna (smith938)


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