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I tried a Wai Lana Yoga workout for the first time last night. Aaaackkk - just say NO!

I started her Beginners DVD and lasted about 15 minutes. Her voice is soothing, the costumes and scenery are lovely. But I had no idea what she was doing. She doesn't say WHAT she is doing. She has odd names for poses. And I've never seen most of these poses. Nevermind.

Instructor comments: Her voice is soft and sing-song, with a strong accent that can be difficult to understand. Her costumes are colorful and bright. She wears a lei that she puts on and takes off depending on the pose. The scenery is breathtaking. But her style of yoga is not my cup of tea.



I thought I would write a review of this since I noticed there aren't any. This workout spent over a year in my "goodie box" before I took it out and tried it because I wasn't expecting much. (I bought the kit to get the mat.)

I was very pleasantly surprised.

Wai Lana is very good, the production values are superb, and the workout was very good. Also, I liked the music.

The workout was a fairly easy stretchy yoga workout...nothing "power" about it.

And, the best part: NO DOWN DOGS ANYWHERE!

The moves included a couple of stretches I hadn't seen before, but I don't remember their names.

If you like soothing, relaxing yoga, you really ought to give this one a's a treat!

Instructor comments: Very festive dresser, very soothing voice, very knowledgeable, very flexible. Her voice takes some getting used to, but it grew on me.

Laura (LCC)


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