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Kalorie Kombat

Pepper Von

This video is a Sara City Workouts production. The tapes are supposed to be geared to instructors though Pepper Von talks to the viewer as if they were participants in a class. This workout is about 45 minutes and includes a warmup and cooldown. At the end of the tape there is a lecture portion.

Pepper Von starts the workout telling you how great using kickboxing based moves are and how they will reshape your body. And, he is right they do help your body, but this workout will do very little for anyone who is above a beginner level. I could not believe how little choreography was contained in this tape. Most of the time you spent shuffling back and forth while Mr. Von talked and talked. I don't think I even broke a sweat on this one. (This is my opinion) I didn't think that there was any moves really choreographed before the tape it was all off the top of the head and transitions from the one section to the other were... well I don't know where they went. If I were to recommend this tape to someone it would be a beginner exerciser.

And, as usual, the production of the Sara City Workouts is not great. Just basic video shooting.

Instructor comments: Chatty and jokey, but not really good at cuing in this video. He seemed to be talking off the top of his head about things. I have not seen him in other videos to know if this is typical.

Lisa Kucharski

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