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Power Packed Workout

Though I'm a big Karen Voight fan, this is my least favorite of her videos. Karen's usual good cuing and terrific form are still there, but I'm afraid that this tape SEEMS to be a lot older than it is (1991). Although it's a far cry from the unsafe high impact aerobic workouts of the 80's (this one alternates high and low impact moves and attention is paid to safe form) it still FEELS like a 10-year old tape, probably because the music sounds a bit like 70's disco, and the exercisers wear puke-colored clothing and leg warmers.

This is definitely an advanced tape--the routines are athletic, but still more dancy and complex than Karen's other tapes (and VERY fast paced), so it takes a while to learn. The tape includes a challenging ab section, and the warm up and cool down/stretch are particularly thorough, which is good considering the high impact nature of the tape. Those advanced exercisers who really like floor aerobics and have a large workout area might like it, but I would pick Karen's other workouts over this tape anyday. Maybe I would feel differently if I had a larger workout area.

Wendy Niemi Kremer

Karen Voight's Power Packed Workout-

This is the most challenging Hi/Lo Aerobics video that I have worked out with. The choreography is very complex and is very different than that used in the aerobics classes that I have taken. I really have to pay attention to keep up. IMO, it is as challenging as Cathe Freidrich's latest step tapes. It does require quite a bit of space though.

Tammie Malcolm

I love Karen Voight's tapes, but this one is my least favorite. She really annoyed me when I first did this tape. Her cuing is so bad and the moves so complex, I was getting frustrated. It is very challenging and the moves are very hard to master even after doing the tape numerous times. The aerobics last about 29 minutes (I timed it). The best part of the tape is the ab section - very intense full ten minutes of ab work. It's not worth the $20.00 I paid for it.

MaryAnn Parker

Power Packed is a high/low workout, mostly high. It's not taught in the "learn-and-build-on" method. Rather it's many short segments one after the other. I like that just fine, but I know this might be a drawback for some. Karen also adds in some unique arm movements. Have you ever tried doing half-jacks while circling one arm and moving the other up and down? Yikes! I don't even try anymore.

You start with a warm-up, then there's 30 minutes of aerobics, 12 minutes of abs, and a cool-down stretch. (Nice stretches, too!) As usual, Karen's ab workout is superb. This one gets an A from me.

Annie S.

I know I'm in the minority here, but I love this video! The choreography is interesting and challenging, so I know I won't get bored with it any time soon. Whenever I master one more combination, I feel great! I know that some other reviews mentioned that this workout requires a lot of space, but with some simple modifications, you can easily fit it into a small space. I do have to admit, though, this video does look and sound like it's out of the seventies, but the workout is superb. A++ from me!


Power Packed Workout is an hour long, with about 30 minutes of mostly high-impact, high intensity floor aerobics and a good ab section. The combinations are challenging to learn, mostly because there is not a whole lot of repetition. I didn't find it that difficult to pick up, however. Out of the other Karen Voight videos I have tried, this one is my least favorite (I have tried Energy Sprint, Strong & Smooth Moves, and Your Personal Best with Elle McPherson); however, I tend to favor step aerobics over hi-lo anyway. I like my workouts to be high intensity and fun. To me, the "fun" factor was missing in this one. I also tend to prefer instructors who are a bit more lively, such as Cathe Friedrich and Kari Anderson. This is a high intensity workout, and if you like hi-lo with a no-nonsense instructor, you will probably like this one.

Instructor comments: Karen Voight is a no-nonsense instructor. Her form is good, as is her cuing (although I believe her cuing has improved since this one).

Kristin Aziz

I try to keep and open mind about these things, but I flat-out hated this workout. The pace was too fast, Karen's cuing was off, the steps were too complex for the speed. But even complex steps can be okay if they're fun, but that isn't the case here. I found the tape totally frustrating.

But, trying to keep an open mind, I tried it again, and my negative impression was just as strong. And it's not as though I dislike Karen or her style. Energy Sprint is a great workout, as is Strong and Smooth Moves, and Your Personal Best is my absolute favorite intermediate tape (not much of a challenge now, but I save it in case I backslide).

I heartily agree that the tape has a very 80's feel to it - it's the outfits, but also the high impact moves. I like step to get my heart going, and this tape really confirms that.

Instructor comments: Karen is no nonsense as always, which is fine with me. She seems more like a drill instructor than anything, but her cuing has been better on other tapes.

Celia M

This video is a challenge. Truthfully, I worked out to this tape for several years before I was able to do all the moves, because towards the end I would be too fatigued to learn the last ones. It is certainly the toughest floor aerobics tape I have, and it has longevity that most other tapes don't have because it is complex and provides such a challenge. However, if you're not in top shape to start with, be careful with some of the high impact moves.

Instructor comments: Karen's strength and execution of the moves in this tape is admirable. Usually her cueing could improve, but in this tape the choreography is so fast paced that it seems impossible to cue each move well.

Elizabeth P.


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