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Comments about Karen Voight

Karen is an athletic, no-nonsense instructor extremely well regarded in the fitness industry. You could call her the antithesis of Denise Austin--there's not a "cutesy" bone in her body, so her routines appeal to men as well as women. She has so little body fat that you can see practically every muscle on her body.

Karen uses superb cuing and impeccable form to teach a huge variety of large limb movements that work all major muscle groups through their full range of motion. Lots of level changes, directional changes, and balancing moves keep her choreography interesting and intense. Karen's movements are graceful and beautiful to watch. Karen's tapes are well thought out so you get an incredibly thorough workout that leaves your body feeling balanced and refreshed.

My favorite of her tapes is "Energy Sprint," which has received terrific reviews in major fitness and consumer magazines. It embodies all that is good about Karen's workouts: excellent instruction, lots of intensity modifications and form pointers, and choreography that burns lots of calories, builds muscle and increases cardiovascular endurance.

Wendy Niemi Kremer

Karen is one of the most highly-praised fitness instructors in the business, and possesses a sleek, sculpted body that would make anyone want to get with whatever program she's on. Her style is most often described as "no-nonsense" - she gets right down to brass tacks as if she's right there in your home training you. While Karen never gets "chatty", her instruction is perhaps the most thorough, with detailed explanations of exactly how to place your weight, etc. Karen has a knack for coming up with a wide variety of ways to work your muscles, even often-neglected ones like your shins, and she choreographs them so as to make her toning routines interesting and dance-like, unlike so many muscle-toning videos that are little more than boring, repetitive calisthenics drills. As far as I know, Karen's videos are all for intermediate to advanced exercisers. It would be great if she could produce a video or two for beginners, as they could benefit a great deal from her expertise. But no one who's serious about exercise should be without a Voight video or two on their shelf.

Sue Bryant

The best instructor! Clear, easy-to-understand, no extraneous chatter, and the fittest body I have ever seen.

Robin Mordfin

Karen Voight is absolutely my favorite instructor. She's a welcome relief from all the 'hooting and hollering' instructors out there. Both her aerobics and toning segments in all videos are obviously well-thought-out, very precise and definite -- while being fun at the same time. I'm always confident that, if it's included in a Voight video, it must be good for me! She's the perfect role model!

Joni O

What can one say about Karen Voight that hasn't already been said? She's got everything -- outstanding instruction, cuing, form, and choreography. Karen is a real pro. I don't think you can fault her on anything when it comes to teaching.

Annie S.

Karen's matter-of-fact instruction is very refreshing. I thoroughly enjoy her enthusiasm which is inspiring, but not annoying. Her cuing is excellent.

Rachelle Trigueros

Personal trainer to Paula Abdul; served as fitness consultant for Abdul's "Get Up and Dance" workout video

Even a fun-loving "party animal" like me can find a lot to enjoy about Karen Voight. She's a consummate professional who is serious about producing thorough, effective, intelligent, and--yes--fun workouts. It's wonderful to see someone of her calibre getting the national press coverage she deserves--in 1996, she's been quoted as a fitness expert in many women's magazines, and in May '96, US News and World Report put together a wonderful spread on her that's available on-line at their website. While she's more reserved than, say, Donna Richardson, Kari Anderson, and Cathe Friedrich, her sincerity, warmth, and sensibility shine through both in her tapes and the interviews she's conducted for the media. Karen has both the physique and the personality to inspire confidence in her programs. All those celebrities who come to see her can't be wrong!

Melissa Cooper

Aside from excellent cuing and being the "Instructor's Instructor," Karen Voight has the body that any woman would die for, and I am no exception! I like her "get down to business personality" without having a "hard and rough" edge. Her transition from aerobic to endurance makes me feel like I'm right there with the group. She is serious enough without being too chatty! I love her concentration and instruction on form. S&SM is my first Voight tape. I know that she will become a staple in my collection that won't collect dust.


My all-time favorite instructor, Karen's form is impeccable her cuing is perfect and she adds so much value with her tips on form and proper execution.

I find Karen so likeable and motivating. Her instructions are always so clear and she gives you tips on common errors to avoid, good images to help you do the exercises correctly.

Amy Pfau

I love Karen as an instructor. She is one of my favorites. Her routines are not boring because they are different. Because her routines really seem to focus on the muscle that's being worked, I really see and feel the results quickly. The clever ways designs her workouts makes me feel like I'm not working to the point of exhaustion, like some videos, yet my body really feels the like it's used muscles in a way that they've never been used before.

Lynette Vessels

I have to say a few words about Karen Voight. She has an excellent, well scuplted body that any woman would die for. Of any instructor, I would prefer to look like she does, however, I find her instructing to be the most annoying of anyone on the market (with the exception of anything done by Denise Austin, some things by Tami Lee Webb or Donna Richardson). What is this "IN, OUT, UP, DOWN" business????!!!! I'm so annoyed by it I want to shut off the sound - this constant instruction (IN OUT UP DOWN) combined with vocal music drives me insane. I don't know how anyone can stand her cueing.

I own every Karen Voight tape made and I believe that "Energy Sprint" is the best tape she has made. In this video she doesn't do much of the cueing that I find so offensive. For being in such marvelous shape, I can't understand why most of her other videos aren't as tough. Strong and Smooth moves is a decent workout but not enough of a challenge for an advanced exerciser.

Denise Zoldos

Karen Voight is my favorite instructor. Although I like the FIRM tapes better for their intensity, as an instructor Karen is one of the best. I like her matter of fact style, her excellent cues, and her concern for the exerciser. I really believes she wants me to be fit! :)

Katie Reaves Fisher

Karen Voight is the best instructor to watch to learn the correct form for exercises. She is not perky and comes off as shy in her opening words.

Abby N

Maybe it's the hairstyle and color, or the shape of her face, but on Energy Sprint, Karen resembles a toned, buff version of singer Helen Reddy (who sang the great anthem "I Am Woman"). True, her "down-up, down-up" cuing can be annoying, but on a tough workout like this where good form is imperative, I'd rather have too much than not enough instruction. Being a musician myself, I also appreciate her excellent taste in music both on ES and Strong and Smooth Moves. Karen has always come across as very intelligent and professional, and I can't imagine her using disco-type mixes in her workouts. Instead, what she selects is very jazzy and a joy to listen to:)

Melissa Cooper

I think my favorite instructors are people I would choose as friends (Cathe Friedrich, Kathy Smith, Susan Harris, Tracey Long ...). Karen Voight is not someone I would pick as a friend - she is too serious for me, and does not seem to have a great deal of humor. Descriptions of her eating habits on the VF forum make it clear that she and I could never go for dinner together - I love ice cream :-) I realize some people like the serious tone of Karen's videos, but if I am going to spend an hour or more of my day working out with someone, I want to have fun. That said, I do respect Karen Voight's knowledge, and her workouts are safe.


I think Karen Voight is one of the most uneven instructors around. I think her Energy Sprint and Great Weighted Workout are among the best fitness tapes around, but I couldn't stand Strong and Smooth moves.

I will not buy Streamline Fitness because I have now developed such a dislike for Karen's attitude about the fitness industry. First of all, she tells Collage Video that she will only market her video mail order because she thinks fitness industry is too commercial. But she's now had very obvious breast augmentation surgery-- I mean, what a hypocrite! How commercial can you get! Her new bustline is quite obvious in the Streamline Fitness ad and in the print ads for exercise wear.

I'm sure that a lot of the instructors on video tapes I own have probably enhanced themselves surgically, but at least they don't make any pretensions of being above the industry.


In my opinion, it doesn't get any better than a Karen Voight workout. I have been working out for years and have more tapes than I know what to do with. I've tried out all of the ones with the models, but none have kept me more interested, inspired and in pain! The only thing that annoys me is that she had to do a tape with Elle McPherson. Don't get me wrong, I love the workout, but I could do without Elle. The set is magnificently beautiful and I try to imagine that I'm there instead of my living room. I would prefer not to use a step, but with Karen I don't mind. I have yet to purchase her equipment such as her body bar and her weighted ball. She's never boring and each time I use her tapes, I find I'm more conscious of my form and not just trying to get it over with. I can't stand Denise Austin or Kathy Smith or those Buns Of Steel instructors. This tape is for people who want to be serious about their fitness routine and not in to lose those last couple of pounds. I know she is the one who started the "spinning" craze, and I've seen the bike for an astronomical price. But I'd like to know if anyone has a video that I could use with my own bike. If anyone has used it, please post the message here. I'm interested to see how it is. Also, I'm glad I didn't purchase the Tae Bo tapes. I really wanted to, just for some variety, but after hearing about the miscounts, disco effects and insufficient warm-ups, you guys saved me a bundle and the hassle of a return! Thanks a lot!



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