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Walk with Joyce

Joyce Vedral

Joyce shot the workout with Christi Taylor so the set is nice and airy.

A low impact, beginner walk at home program, Joyce takes the participant through approximately 50 minutes of cardio walking. (25 minutes of Latin music, 25 minutes of Big Band) The total workout time is approximately 62 minutes. The chapters offer ways to split up the segments or you can choose to play them all.

Joyce is alone in the workout. The 2nd session (Big Band) incorporates more upper body involvement for additional toning benefits. Joyce keeps everything light, demonstrating the moves she'll use in the main portion of the workout in her warmup. Meringue, cha-cha, samba and mambo are used. (if you are a stickler for instructors being on beat then Joyce may not be for you as she is sometimes off the beat) She often counts out her moves. I'd recommend this for older participants who may find other workouts hard to follow since Joyce's workout isn't really "choreographed". (many times she suggests doing your own thing)

Joyce is very talkative throughout (making funny comments so you'll need a sense of humor!). She often speeds up the moves to increase the challenge, but it is still not difficult to follow. This workout offers out of shape beginners or elderly individuals a chance to work their cardiovascular system in a "light-hearted" way to enjoyable tunes!

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