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Vertical Abs

Joyce Vedral

This workout was orginally available as an extra on Joyce's website, and is now availbale on dvd with two other workouts of like origin. This is a ten-minute routine but you can select the option from the menu to do it 2 or 3 times through. I was a bit worried this would feel repetitive, but the routine went by quickly and I do not think 3 times through would feel slow.

It's a simple program: 2 sets of two exercises, done 3 times. The first set is a standing crunch and an oblique thing. The second set is a seated knee-in and seated oblique thing.

Perhaps because this was filmed as a web download, the picture quality is not that great. Joyce's face was a little bit fuzzy. But I am happy with the routine. It'll be a nice add-on for days when I want to get a bit of extra ab work in.

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