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Top Shape/Now Or Never

Joyce Vedral

This is a new favorite for me. I have been wanting a total body of Joyce Vedral that could be done in 1 day, such as Dynamic Tension, Speedy Non Stop, and Bone Building. She does break up the segments for lower (as she does give them in all workouts) but I do this one all at once. The lower includes back work, which is 1st, so you could do all upper in one day and do the rest the next.

The exercises in this are more varied than her other workouts which include the same ones in different orders. This workout she uses the decline bench for chest work and also the incline for biceps. I really feel these 2, probably because I've only seen them (of what I have) in her Fast Forward workout. This is her only workout where she uses a barbell. I like to change my workouts but only want to do her workouts, so I was glad Joyce added a new challenge. She also does a lot of "twist at the top of the move" which I like, too.

The workout starts out with chest, then goes to biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Then you can stop and do day 2 tomorrow which has back, then lower body & abs with only 1 butt only exercise at the end. For all upper body work, there are 4 exercises with 3 sets of reps. The lower just consists of 3 squat variations, calf raises and standing glute squeezes.

This workout wipes me out! I can barely finish the shoulder exercises when done and have a hard time continuing with the back work. I would have loved to have a bit more lower body, but I do other things like biking or yoga and get enough of Joyce's other workouts with everything combined in a week. There have been many times, for me, that a killer lower body such as Bottoms Up Gold Plus is more than I can fit in that week, so this a great workout for my rotation.

Instructor comments: Joyce has a faster lifting speed than I prefer. I'd also like it if she had different weights for smaller muscle groups because she has to swing the barbell on the front raises to hoist it up. This workout is easy to adjust as you do 1 body part at a time.



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