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The Fat-Burning Workout Vol. 2

Joyce Vedral

I own over 100 videos, and this is the most complete weight video that I own. There are 4 exercises for each body part, and with each exercise, there are 3 sets of reps. The first volume of this video was pulled from Vol. 2 so there are no editing mistakes with this video. It is all here.

This video has two 40 minute workouts. The first is upper body, and the second is lower, plus abs. The set is a pretty shade of teal, with blue, some hot pink behind glass blocks. There are two women who work out with her, that have used the book and lost weight. The music is varied, sometimes I like it, other times I just don't notice it much. Each person has a weight bench. I use a step, however, I can't change the incline as fast as I could with a weight bench. Fortunately for me, I have two yoga bolsters which I place in a T to create an incline. That way I have my flat step, and incline to move back and forth through the chest work, which is all together.

The upper body workout makes my arms feel like noodles when I am done! The only other video, that I had to make me feel like that was Karen Voight's Great Weighted Workout. This is a high rep, fast paced workout. The weights she suggests are 8, 5 and 3 pounds. For the shoulder work, she suggests all sets using 3 pounds. She was not an exaggeration. Whoa! You start, the other upper body parts, with your lightest weight for 12 reps, medium for 10, then your heaviest for the last 8. You do all your 4 body part exercises in a row, to really fatigue the muscle.

The lower body contains floor work without weights, so you do all 3 sets with 15 reps each. There are also squats, lunges, sissy squats, hamstring curls with a dumbell, and more before that. There is more calf work than most videos I have seen, as well. I feel great after doing either segment of this video. I highly recommend it. I give it an A.

Lorrie Gigler

OUCH! This video was killer! I really got a great workout, so it makes up for the tackiness of it. I am surprised that there is only one review for this. Since it has been described, I'll just include my thoughts, but there were 5 kinds of exercises for chest and back, instead of 4. There were 4 varieties for everthing else. All 3 sets of reps. The shoulders were worked better than any video I've tried. I also felt it more in my chest, than doing pushups. None of those were in this video. This routine does move too fast to switch a step around, so I use my Gymnic Ball for the incline exercises, and it works.

The lower body has good floor work after the squats and lunges. The sissy lunges really worked, when they looked like nothing. There are tips at the end for different alternatives for some of the exercises.

I've seen this video on many wish lists, but haven't heard much on, so I broke down and got it. I'm glad I did and didn't wait around for it on the exchange, because I think those that buy it will want to keep this one!

Instructor comments: Joyce seems like she must have grown up in New York. She tries to talk a lot, but luckily she doesn't have someone counting for her in this video, so we are saved!


I finally broke down and bought this video. I'm glad I did. If you are looking for a good upper body endurance workout, this fits the bill. My biceps were sore for 2 days straight and I used practically 1/2 the weight(s) I normally do. They used light weight, I used 5, 8 and 10 lb dumbbells for most exercises. I don't recall warm up/cool down or stretch, but that's ok with me, I prefer my own anyway.

The format is 35-ish minutes of upper body and the 35-ish minutes of lower body and abs. I wasn't impressed at all with the lower body and abs, but that's ok because I really liked the upper body. It's similar to Body Max's upper body meets Cory's Get Hard Arms and Shoulders. The lower body and ab work did nothing for me. I think this is the perfect upper body workout to combine with FIRM lower body work.

Instructor comments: Ok, I don't have the book, which Joyce keeps reminding you to do, but I was fine. Joyce uses very poor form in many exercises (and the background exercisers use horrendous form), but if you know good form, you'll be fine. She does move rather quickly (think Cory GHAS), but since it's a muscular endurance workout and you're using less weight, I think it's ok. Overall, I really liked her! She is hilarious. She actually made me laugh out loud several times, and I LOVE her hint of a NY accent. If I look half as good as her when I'm her age, I'll be thrilled.


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