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Dynamic Combinations--A Practice tape for Bellydancers, Vol. II

Suzanna del Vecchio

This 1995 video is a follow-up to Precision Motion Workout and builds on the moves in that video. If you have not done PMW, then this tape will be extremely challenging.

The tape is a total of 58 minutes long. The set is a dance studio with a hardwood floor and a beautifully painted "temple" backdrop. The first 33 minutes are composed of brief review of the moves learned in PMW and step-by-step breakdowns of the new dance isolations and combinations (which include veil technique so a floaty 2.5-3 yd piece of fabric, while not absolutely necessary, is helpful) and demonstrations of the longer combination sequences that will be used in the 25 minute continuous workout. As in PMW, Suzanna demonstrates the moves, and describes them in voiceover. Again, all first-time users of this tape should master this section before going on to the continuous workout at the end.

The workout begins with no warmup so a few minutes of marches, stepping from side to side and/or toe touches would be a good prelude.

During the workout Suzanna is no longer speaking in voiceover, but to the camera directly. She is the lone person on the set and mirrors your moves. The combinations are set to music.

There are only a few repeats of each combination, which may be frustrating for newbies or the coordinationally-challenged.

The veil piece lasts 3-4 minutes at the end. People who are prone to dizziness may want to skip it. There are many turns which can be difficult on a carpeted surface.

I generally fastforward to the 25 minute workout and begin from there, but people who are still learning the moves or want a longer workout could include the first 33 minute section.

NOTE: This tape is not available through standard vendors. It costs about $45 US and can be obtained through various bellydance suppliers, such as Audrena's International Bazaar, 1-800-327-3406. (Standard disclaimers apply.)

Instructor comments: Suzanna has danced, instructed, and done yoga for 20-plus years. She is a superb dancer and a very good instructor. She breaks down and cues moves well. I wanna be just like her when I grow up.

Renee Drellishak

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