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Jeff and Scott's Step Factory

This is a pretty decent step video, but it is a little too easy for me. There are four instructors/participants that trade off for the step, leg work, and cool-down portions. They all wear mikes and exchange light banter during the work-out which is pleasant - not quite so serious as the traditional video. Some interesting combinations and a couple new moves (for me), but there are only a few power moves so it's not as challenging as I like.

Eileen Boettcher

Jeff and Scott's Step Factory

This video is a decent video for the beginner to intermediate stepper. The banter between Jeff and Scott and the class members is good. Jeff and Scott are both top-notch, creative instructors. Form pointers, cueing, and choreography are all excellent. They also joke around with each other which is funny and adds to the enjoyment of the workout. The set design is kind of futuristic looking; different than your typical aerobics room. The cueing is excellent. However, as an advanced stepper, it didn't provide enough of a challenge either choreographically or physically. I felt like I could still do more after the tape was finished. I recommend this video to any beginner to intermediate stepper, not for the advanced. The stepping section lasts for approx. 33 min.
Grade: B

Kathy Lapinski

This is an intermediate-level workout, both choreography-wise and intensity-wise. It would make a very good transitional video for someone at the beginner level moving to intermediate, because the steps are explained very well.

Jeff teaches all of the step section, and Scott teaches the (short) toning section. Some of the moves are a lot of fun, like "slice the banana," which is a corner-to-corner over-the-top while kicking your leg up. The music is fun and invigorating as well.

Scott wears his jacket and cap throughout the whole workout. The cap doesn't bother me, but I don't know how he can stand to keep his jacket on! This doesn't have any bearing on the workout, of course, but I just found it odd.

At the end, there is a wonderful stretch routine. Two of the class members do it as partners and it looks *so* relaxing that way. I always do it alone, so I guess I'm missing out, but it's still good.

The production quality of the video is excellent, as with their "Classic Cardio" video. I find the workout a lot of fun. It's great for days when you don't want to work at top intensity, but still have a good time. I give it an A.

Annie S.

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