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Great Moves Hi/Lo (GM211)

This video was originally billed as one for instructors but as a person who has only recently gotten serious about exercising (just 4 months), this one was good for me. It is also billed as Intermediate/Advanced Hi/Lo -- I rank it for Advanced Beginners/Intermediate.

I have 3 other videos by Jeff and this one is my favorite . I got this tape about 3 days before Thanksgiving -- I deliberately ate light that day so I could go home and do this tape. I do this tape when I feel like working hard (I just do it at a higher impact) and I do this tape when I'm depressed and don't feel like exercising at all. (I just wish I could do this tape when I feel like eating 2-3 bowls of honey nut Cheerios.)

I have bought 4 copies of this particular tape and of the other tapes by Jeff and his partner, Scott Cole, I have purchased a total of about 16 tapes (at an average price of about $20). I gave them to my co-workers for Christmas.

I'm finding it very hard to find an instructor I REALLY like. I believe that we should support the really good instructors. I show my support by buying -- not copying Jeff's tapes.

Veronica D. Lee

As part of the Great Moves series, this is mainly designed for instructors who are looking for new choreography. However, it's done in the format of a regular workout, so it's suitable even if you're not an instructor. The choreography in this class is a lot of fun, and so is the music. But there is too much "building" of routines instead of doing. That's a limitation of the time frame, I know (38 minutes). Since you're "building" so much of the time, your heart rate doesn't get up for an extended period. If there were 10 or 20 minutes added on of just "doing" what we've already learned, it would be a great workout. I was undecided about whether to keep this, because it's not really a complete aerobic workout (due to the problem mentioned above). But after doing it again this morning, I've decided it *is* a keeper -- I had a really good time with it. So my plan is to do it on my weight-training days and use it as a (very) extended warm-up.
I give this an A for creativity and fun, but a C for intensity.

Annie S.

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