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Comments about Jeff Vandiver

Great cueing, creative moves, builds on previous routines, fun, interesting music, encourages and inspires the student, never boring.

Veronica D. Lee

I have never tried Jeff's (relatively new) videos, but I did enjoy him on "Fitness Pros." He's very enthusiastic and energetic. He likes to throw in some funky or unusual (but not difficult) steps to keep things interesting. Most of his choreography is well suited to intermediate exercisers.

Wendy Niemi Kremer

Jeff Vandiver is a lot of fun and also very creative. I'd like to see him come out with a lot more videos.

Annie S.

Jeff and Scott are two of the most charismatic instructors when they get together. They're funny, extremely creative, and excellent teachers. Although I don't particularly care for Studio Jam, I hope they make some more videos together.

Annie S.

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