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Sexy Body Workout Vol 2 Total Body Blast

Jonathan Urla

Using tubing and your own body weight, you'll progress through 4 sections working the entire body. You can choose to do just one or all four (or arrange them in any order you'd like to work on your preferred body parts with the easy to navigate chaptering) Each segment was filmed in a different outdoor setting.

The chapters are broken down as follows:

1. Sexy Abs

Here Jonathan begins with traditional crunches with various counts. You'll also perform lower abdominal curls. Twisting moves help trim the obliques. Long lever lifts using the legs work the entire core area. Jonathan includes some plank type moves, the last one being extremely effective for the obliques/waist area.

2. Sexy Legs

Beginning on the floor in bridge, you'll bring one knee in and up. (various positions of bridge really focus on the glute area) A runners stretch follows. Next, standing with a block placed between the feet, you'll perform slow squats. Lunges are next. A few plies isolate the inner thigh area.

3. Sexy Chest & Back

Using the tubing (Jonathan mentions you can use dumbbells, however their is no option shown using dumbbells), you'll work the chest and back. You'll begin with rows and pull downs. Pushups with various rep counts follow. Standing chest flyes with the band into reverse flyes are next. (these are done with a partner, if you don't have a partner you'll notice a small inset on the screen showing Jonathan doing the move without a partner) Side arm pushups are included in this section. (bonus of working the triceps area as well as the chest!) The last exercise is a standing deadlift using the tubing.

4. Sexy Arms & Shoulders

Again using the tubing, you'll begin with reverse curls and progress into traditional curls. You'll also perform some movements for the shoulders such as lateral raises and front raises.

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