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Sexy Body Workout - Volume 1

Jonathan Urla

Set: Very pretty indoor set. Good lighting and production value. Jonathan works along with Tina.

Music: Nice techno, indian type music. The tempo was perfect for the workout.

Equipment: Ankle weights, light weights (1-3 lbs suggested) and a set of heavy weights

Chapters: The workout has several chapters so you can mix and max sections to fit your needs or time constraints.

*Standing Warmup (approx 3 1/2 minutes)

*Power to the Core-Floor (approx 18 minutes)

*Back & Hips (approx 8 1/2 minutes)

*Legs & Butt (approx 14 minutes)

*Upper Body (approx 3 minutes)

*Synergy Workout-Arms, Shoulders and Legs (approx 14 minutes)

*Cooldown (approx 2 minutes)

The Workout:

Standing Warmup:

Deep breaths with flowing arms begin to get the oxygen flowing. Neck stretches and neck rolls follow. Side reaches and chest openers into small knee bends & toe raises begin to prepare the body. Knee lifts and small prances continue to raise the heart rate and work the ankles.

Power to the Core-Floor:

Using the ankle weights & light dumbbells, Jonathan begins with the Pilates 1/2 Roll Downs. This section really focuses on all areas of the core (obliques, transverse abdominals are all included). The weights are integrated to enhance the effectiveness of the exercises. The exercises include The Hundred, Roll Ups and several pilates apparatus exercises that have been modified for the mat. Several exercises in this section work the lower body as well. Deep hip openers and stretches loosen the muscles between sets.

Back & Hips:

Spine stretch forward begins the exercises. Again, for greater challenge, the hand weights are used to increase intensity. Next, you'll flip over onto your stomach and perform several movements to work the opposing muscles of the core--the upper and lower back area. Swan, swimming and heel beats are included. Next, on hands and knees, you'll perform cat to stretch and lengthen the back. A nice achilles stretch follows. Last, you'll perform the cat stretch with various arm/leg movements and tempo changes.

Legs & Butt:

Bridge variations work the glutes and hamstrings. Next Jonathan moves into double side leg raises. This shapes the outer thigh area. Front and back side kicks follow. Several pilates side lying exercises are included. (you'll work the outer thigh/hip area and the inner thighs) Jonathan includes several stretches between exercises to work out the kinks and elongate the muscles you've worked.

Upper Body:

Various pushup sequences work the upper body. Included are pilates style pushups and regular pushups. (Tina does hers on the knees and Jonathan demonstrates a full pushup)

Synergy Workout-Arms, Shoulders, Legs:

Starting with light weights, Jonathan begins with bicep curls. You'll then grab the heavy set of weights and perform another set. For an added balance challenge, you'll then do them standing on one leg. Overhead press is next. (you'll also do the balance challenge with these) Going back to the light weights you'll perform a set of squats then switch to the heavy again and repeat for another set. (the light set acts as a warmup prior to the heavy set) Returning to light weights, you'll work the upper back with delt flyes. Then you'll push one arm forward, opposite arm back in a swimming motion followed immediately by tricep extensions. Next you'll perform a plie with biceps curl. (then repeat set with heavy weights) Several overhead presses follow. To work the legs you'll perform side lunges. (Jonathan integrates the arms into this to continue to work the upper body as well) Standing knee extensions work quads and side leg lifts work outer thighs. Split squats with lateral raise follow. Next you'll perform double overhead press and then move into straight leg front kicks and rear kicks. The last two exercises included are the upright row (or pilates zipper) and arms held out to the side bicep curls.


Releasing the hand weights and removing ankle weights, Jonathan takes you through several stretches to release tension. (this section is short as Jonathan did many stretches between sets of exercises in each section already)

Instructor comments: Jonathan provides great form pointers to ensure exercise integrity and safety (plus enhance the toning benefits by doing it correctly!).

Denise R


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