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New York Style Pilates - Level 2

Jonathan Urla

I tried lots of Pilates videos, including Winsor, and I feel this is the first one to really give me a complete workout like in a real Pilates class. It's starts real smooth with proper breathing and a good description of how to get to right core muscles. Jonathan makes sure you really feel things right and never forgets giving the breath cue for every exercise. He doesn't pause too much between the exercises and before you know it you are sweating and feeling it.
Just so you know, he uses a foam block and light dumbells for some of the exercises, and though you can do the workout without them, it helps to have the added equipment. The best thing about this tape is that it flows really well all the way through. No stopping for seperate sections. You just keep moving. Unlike some tapes which have about half as many exercises, this tape has all the intermediate Pilates exercises - plus! The Side Kick series really flows, and he includes some standing exercises as well. One of the demonstrators shows modifications and Jonathan keeps giving great visualizations and cues only real Pilates instructors would know.
Lastly, I have to mention two more things. First the music is really good, not boring like on other tapes. Also, he put the name of each exercise on screen, and in the menu (I got the DVD)are chapter links to most of the exercises which is really great. I know there are tons of other Pilates tapes out there, but not alot by guys, and this guy rocks.

Instructor comments: Very knowledgeable and excellent demonstrator. Clear cueing, good voice and likeable manner.


May 27, 2004

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