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TKO Kickboxing Workout: Advanced

I saw Annie S.'s review of the first two--I also got the set off of e-bay! :) Thought I'd chime in with the advanced workout, echoing her pleasant surprise. I found the advanced to be surprisingly good, a simple moderate-to-high workout along the lines of Tae-Bo or Karl Bradford (but with barely audible, generic music). A lot of the same moves, like knee lift-side kick, jab-punch-jab knee raise, the out-and-in step and punch, ab twists and side lifts, knee raises, jack and jabs, the jab and squat...also some different punch sequences (like front jab with one arm followed by side jab with other, high-lo front jabs), some combos of jacks with arm blocks. The workout uses alot of arms. Garrett isn't splashy looking or acting, more like a regular dude workout instructor with zeal and methodical precision. "Don't cheat!" he keeps exhorting you. "Get into it with me!" It's about half an hour of cardio.

The set is your run-of-the-mill cheese, with a tai-chi symbol and paintings of silhoutted kickboxers and hanging bags that nobody uses. I see absolutely no reason, though to have Kristoff advertised so much, except maybe they thought soap fans would buy the tapes because of him. He's less prominent in the workout than some other exercisers (pretty women, cute tall black guy. etc)--probably because he shows awful form. At one point Garrett goes over and says, "See this man, he's bending from the knees, not from the waist" --except Kristoff *is* in fact bending from the waist, improperly! But the other exercisers have good form, as does Garrett.

This is a solid intermediate-level tape for moderate days or to add on to another workout. If Warren put out any more advanced workout videos I'd definitely go for them, even without the e-bay prices. No offense to Kristoff, but he seems to serve as little more than decoration for these videos.

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